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Document for component "com_katamaros" for Joomla.

Components Name : com_katamaros
Component Version : for

Component Description :
A script to generate and display the Synaxarium, the Daily Readings and the Synopsis of the Daily Readings as used by the Coptic Othodox Churches.
@included is also a searchable Holy Bible.
These scripts are all available in the English and Arabic language.

License : Selected users only at request.

Author's Name : Chris Sengers
Author's home pages :
Author's Email : here with this link.

Added notice:
This component started life in the days of "phpNuke" some time in the year 2003.
It started with a request to help set up a database and generation of pages for the Synaxarium.
After becoming aware of the CMS called "Mambo", I migrated what I had thus far for use with that CMS.
At that time I also was asked to try to put together a component for display of the Holy Bible.
During that time there was a split in the "Mambo" group and I followed them to "Joomla" on 20 August 2005.
Further development occurred and the component is now available in both English and Arabic.
The whole exercise would not have been possible without the help and encouragement of some very devoted webmasters of Coptic Orthodox Church websites.
Their knowledge of what is required and where to obtain the information made it possible to put all this together.
They guided me to get all of the translations from English into Arabic.
However, there will be instances that what is displayed is not correct.
I therefor ask all the users of this component not to hesitate and contact me with their concerns.

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